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Lake Toya

Lake Toya represents 110,000 years of history Lake Toya is a caldera lake that emerged from a huge eruption with pyroclastic flow that formed the lake's shape, more than 110,000 years ago. The caldera accumulated rainwater and surrounding water sources, hence Lake Toya came into existence. Lake Toya, the lake that becomes the center of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, is an area of ​​about 7,000ha. Lake Toya has a water depth from up to 179.7m at parts of the lake, and counts to one of the lakes with the highest water transparency of the nation.

Name Lake Toya
Note ★Recommended View Points

Lake Toya has many beautiful view spots, the most recommended ones are from where you can take the lake in its whole beauty. For example, Sobetsu Park is a great spot, especially in spring (mid-May), the park has 300 blooming plum trees, and a great view point of not only the lake, but Mt.Yotei, Mount Showa-Shinzan, Mount Usu, and the Windsor Hotel which was the venue for the G8 summit in 2008.
There is also a sculpture park around the whole lake you can explore. There are 58 sculptures, and they beautifully blend in with the quiet surface of the lake, many of them fascinate through their fusion of art and nature.

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