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Iburi Railway Bridge Remnants Memorial Park

◆Iburi Railway Bridge Remnants Memorial Park You can find the park located along the national route 453. There are 100 stairs leading to the remnants park. The railway bridge of the retired Iburi Line that has been raised about 30m higher than its original location due to the eruption in 1943-45. It is a part of the Toya-Usu Unesco Global Geopark. ◆Toya-Usu Unesco Global Geopark The Toya-Usu Unesco Global Geopark is the geological heritage represented by the Toya Caldera and volcano Mount Usu. It's natural as well as cultural heritage displays the history of the Jomon people through time up to the Ainu people (indigenous people of Hokkaido), and lets you experience first-hand the relationship between the volcano and human life.

Name Iburi Railway Bridge Remnants Memorial Park
Address 〒052-0101 Takinomachi, along National Route #453, Usu-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
TEL Toyako-cho Town Office(TEL:0142-74-3015)

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