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Mount Showa-Shinzan

During the volcano eruption in 1943, Mount Showa-Shinzan emerged within only 2 years from a simple wheat field. You can still feel the overwhelming earth's energy after 70 years. The area around Mount Showa-Shinzan offers a couple of tourist attractions, such as the Usu Ropeway station, a bear ranch, and the Masao Mimatsu Memorial Hall (the local postmaster who recorded the mountain's birth in 1943), as well as souvenir shops and restaurants. 【The birth of Mount Showa-Shinzan】 In 1943, at the time of the Usu volcano eruption, Mount Showa-Shinzan rose from a wheat field triggered by an explosion, accompanied by many earthquakes throughout the following months. The mountain rose in total about 402m. The mountain's birth was well documented by the local postmaster Masao Mimatsu, who observed and recorded the growth diligently. Autodidacting himself in various observation methods, he made a detailed record that is nowadays known as the "Mimatsu diagram" and praised by many volcano researchers. The Masao Mimatsu Memorial Hall is located at the foot of Mount Showa-Shinzan, and here you can see many exhibits about Masao Mimatsu including the Mimatsu diagram, as well as observation and recorded materials, observation equipment, photos and more.

Name Mount Showa-Shinzan
Address Showashinzan Sobetsu, Usu District, Hokkaido Prefecture 052-0102

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