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Sobetsu Fruit Village

◆Experiene the superb freshness of fruit at the Sobetsu Fruit Village "Sobetsu Fruit Village" is an association of 18 fruit farm units open for tourists, located along the street right next to the Tourist Center and Road Station "Joho-kan". Here, you can experience the deliciously produced fruit from the town, ranging from strawberries to apples, each month you can taste a different fruit and also have fun with fruit-picking activities! Make also sure you check out the "direct farm sales" counters, each farm has a desk where they sell fresh fruit directly to the customer! ◆The history of fruit growing in Sobetsu Town The first apple trees in Sobetsu were planted shortly after the Meiji restauration, in 1876, a new agricultural development pushed forward by Mr Bunzo Hashimoto, who thought that Sobetsu is the perfect location for fruit farming - with its mild climate and fertile soil. The long-established tourist fruit farm "Hamada-En" is one of the oldest apple tree orchards, and you can still see a tree that is said to have been planted in 1890, and it still produces fruit (picture below. Try to look out for it in the Hamada Orchard). Until 1965, only 4-5 fruit farmers had established, however from there the number suddenly increased up to 40, with the area booming as spa resorts and hotels had risen out of the ground, and the rush of the Japanese economic wonder had its effect on this surprising development. Now, Sobetsu is know as the province's leading fruit producing area. Fruit village of opening of the park to 100 years a member of the long-established in the "Hamada Garden" has been in existence the apple tree the oldest of Sobetsu-cho, which is said to have been planted at the time settlement of circa 1890. ◆Variety of processed products Not only can you enjoy the fresh fruit produce, but also a variety of processed produce such as apple and grape juice, fruit jam and compott, and many more. These items can be bought at the direct sales counters of the fruit orchards, as well as in the direct farm produce shop "SAMS" located in the road station Sobetsu "Joho-kan". ◆How to recognize a tasty apple Check definitely the color of the fruit (the ones that are increasingly yellowish are the tasty ones), aroma (the ripe apples have a superb scent) and sound (lightly slap the apple with your fingers, and if it makes a bit of a bouncing sound, it's good to go!). ◆About the "oil" you can feel on apple skin You might feel some kind of sticky oiliness on the apple's skin. This is nothing unnatural, but indicates the apple is ripe, since the apple itself "sweats" out this fluid to protect itself from epidermis. The apples are not waxed or processed with any fluids, so they can be enjoyed without hesitation.

Name Sobetsu Fruit Village
Address Takinomachi, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido 〒052-0101
TEL 0142-66-2333 (for reservations and inquiries)
Note ◆Fruit pickingb entrance fee
Adults 1,100 yen / Elementary to Junior high school students: 880 yen / 3 years or older 660 yen
※There is no time limit and you can eat as much as you want.

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Once you arrive at the Sobetsu Road Station "Joho-kan", you are already next to the main road where you can find most of the fruit farms located left and right of the road.

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