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Chikaraiwa Observatory Park

The Chikaraiwa Observation Park is situated at the south corner of the Toya Caldera and has been opened to the public since 2015. You can go directly to the shore of Lake Toya which lets you experience the lake from a different angle. “Chikaraiwa” means something like “Strong Rock”, and you can find indeed a big rock of about 5 ㎡ surfacing ground near the shore. You can observe its width stretching along about 100m under the water surface. Near is the only outlet of Lake Toya which leads to the Sobetsu Waterfall, and since the rock stretched along Lake Toya’s shore and was once the only preventative existence against flooding the lower laying region of the town, it is said that its name came from the belief it being a guardian angel.

Name Chikaraiwa Observatory Park
Address 〒052-0104  Kohan-2, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido

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Coming from the road station "Joho-kan", you drive in direction of Date, but take the first turn right (at the convenience store "Seicomart") in direction to Lake Toya. Driving up the small slope, you turn immediately right, then after approx. 100m, there is a parking on the left hand. You can find Chikara-iwa after 1 minute walk towards Lake Toya.

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