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1977 Eruption Remnants Park

1977 Eruption Remnants Park During the volcanic activity of Mount Usu between 1977 to 1982, the hospital facility collapsed and its surrounding with visible crustal movement has been developed into a observation park that is now part of the Toya-Usu Global Geopark. The volcano's activity between the years 1977-82 shows crustal and ground movement of up to 25m caused through the growth of volcanic dome at the 1977 eruption's crater of Mount Usu, not only in the immediate area but also along the lake Toya shore. The hospital's walls cracked during the eruption, and collapsed gradually during 3 months after the eruption. Toya-Usu Unesco Global Geopark The Toya-Usu Unesco Global Geopark is the geological heritage represented by the Toya Caldera and volcano Mount Usu. It's natural as well as cultural heritage displays the history of the Jomon people through time up to the Ainu people (indigenous people of Hokkaido), and lets you experience first-hand the relationship between the volcano and human life.

Name 1977 Eruption Remnants Park
Address 〒052-0103 76-17 Sobetsuonsen Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido
TEL Toyako-cho Town Office(TEL:0142-74-3015)

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