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Sobetsu Waterfall

Sobetsuwaterfall is the only outlet of Lake Toya. The waterfall that flows down from a head of about 18m is very powerful. Sobetsu is an Ainu language, "sou" is a waterfall, and "petu" is a river. There are some tables and chairs on the path to the waterfall. The promenade to the waterfall is covered with lush green trees summer, enjoy the journey as if you were in the forest. Also, in the fall, the surrounding trees turn red and it is recommended to take a walk in the beautiful scenery. And in the Sobetsu River that continues from the waterfall, you can see the cherry salmon run up around October.

Name Sobetsu Waterfall
Address 〒052-0101 Michi-no-eki "Joho-kan", SAMS, Takinomachi 384-1, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 0142-66-2750 (NPO Sobetsu Tourist Association)

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