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Orofure Mountain Pass

◆Orofure Mountain Pass offers a superb view Orofure mountain towering over the border of Sobetsu and Noboribetsu City, has an altitude of 1230.8m, and is the 3rd highest mountain in the Iburi area. Once driving on the road that leads to Noboribetsu, you'll reach the "Orofure Pass" with its superb view. In the past, the area was considered as one of the most dangerous places in the province, since until 1988 - when the tunnel that connects both ends was completed - the original road leading over the pass was extremely difficult to maneuver. From the middle of the Orofure observatory, you can enjoy the majestic scenery that oversees the Pacific Ocean, Lake Kuttara, Lake Toya, and Mount Yotei. In addition, the area is beautiful in autumn with its autumn leaves, as well as the iced trees in winter. The area can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons. ◆Midwinter Mystery Only at a certain time in midwinter (mostly between January to February), the forest of Orofure Pass turns into a crystal spectacle, snow and ice is hanging in big chunks from the trees and the whole landscape appears in a mystical glow. It can be seen only in the Sobetsu area about 2 miles (3 km) from the tunnel that leads towards Noboribetsu. Touching the legendary beauty of the iced forest is a popular spot also for the local people. ◆Alpine Meadow Orofure mountain has quite strong winds from the Pacific Ocean, so the mountain almost serves as a dam for changing winds and weather. Due to this harsh environment it is said that the area is rich of Alpine plant. In June, you can see a lot of Japanese wood poppy (glaucidium palmatum), changing to a scenery of chinguruma plants (geum pentapetalum,) in July, including other plants such such as Fan Columbine/Dwarf Columbine (aquilegia Flabellata), spreading out on one side into a beautiful flower field. You can enter the mountain trail (hiking trail) that leads up to Mount Orofure from the parking spot on the old road, a real recommendation for even the not so experienced mountain climber (round-trip is about 2.5 hours). ◆Etymology "Orofure" is Ainu language, and it means "red water", probably pointing to the river and smaller streams running along Bankei area (there are parts where the water appears in a different color)

Name Orofure Mountain Pass
Address 〒052-0115 Benkei, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido
Closed on Closed during the night in winter season (between 5pm to the next morning 9am)
Note ◆ Please note that during the winter period, the area is closed during night (between 5pm to next morning 9am)
You can also check at the Road Traffic Information Center Hokkaido.(TEL:050-336-6601)

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along route #2 in direction of Noboribetsu

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