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Nakajima Island

Nakajima is the island in the middle of Lake Toya, and it offers scenes of untouched nature, inviting to a stroll on the forest's promenade to see wild deer and a forest of giant spruce. ◆Nakajima: The symbol of Lake Toya Nakajima island consists of four islands in Lake Toya, of which you can visit the main island, Oshima. Oshima has a total circumference of 9.6km and is also the landing site for the boat, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes by boat from Toyako Onsen. The island offers the visitor beautiful nature scenes, such as wild deers and also an impressive forest of giant spruce, some of them date back to 350 years ago. Forest Giant Picea ◆Things to do on Nakajima Take a stroll on Nakajima and enjoy the walking promenade that leads you through a lush greenery of forest. Deers will pass your way, some of them you can observe from a short distance. Learn at the museum (which is located at the landing site of the boat) about the forest and the wildlife of the island.

Name Nakajima Island
Address Nakajima, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido 〒052-0100 Japan

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