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music room”Amadeus”

"Music Room Amadeus" newly opened on July 3, 2020.It is a new style cafe called Music Cafe.Even if it's called a cafe, there is no special menu, and the main store is a shop where you can enjoy music from the Middle Ages to Romantics.It is a store that opened the entire building of the Bankei Elementary and Junior High School, which was closed in 1988, as this music cafe, and it is full of playfulness. There is also a library space in the corridor leading to the gymnasium, and some people enjoy reading the relaxing music flowing from the main cafe space as background music. The counter seats inside the store are full of places to enjoy other than music, such as reusing the desks used by children at that time.

Name music room”Amadeus”
Address Bankei , Sobetsu-cho, Hokkaido 〒052-0113
TEL 090-9241-0566(syukuya)
Business Hours 11:00-17:00
Closed on Business day:Every Fri・Sat・Sun ※Other days are also available.(Please be sure to contact us before you go.)
Note ◆The price is 500 yen.

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