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Mori-to-ki no Sato Center

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"Mori-to-ki no sato center" is a place where you can experience the calmness of the forest, and enjoy the green among the trees. From the center, you haev a nice view of Lake Toya, Mount Showa-Shinzan, Mount Usu and Mount Yotei. It is located near Sobetsu Park, which is very popular for its view and the annual plum flower season.

Name Mori-to-ki no Sato Center
Address Hokkaido, Sobetsu-cho, Higashi-Kohan 3-1 〒052-0104
TEL Management Office (Tel: 0142-66-2201)For inquiries about the observatory, please call the Yokozuna "Kita-no-Umi" Museum
Closed on From May 1 thru Oct. 31
Fee ◆usage fee
1) Usage of cooking/BBQ house per 1 hour: 1,000 yen (in the case you stay over night, the usage of the BBQ house is free of charge from the time of check-in at 1pm until check-out at 10:00am the next day.)
2) tent space, charge per person per night: 600 yen, children 400 yen
3) Bungalow (6 people) per night: 6,000 yen, Bungalow (4 people) per night: 4,000 yen (2x6people, 1x4people bungalow is available)
* You can use 1) and 2) on time only as well, however, a fee is required. Please inquire.
Note ◆Admission reception time : from 9:00am to 4:00pm check-in. Check-out is next day 10:00am(Hangalows and tents can be entered from 1:00 pm.)
◆Facility summary] cooking : BBQ corner, tent space, 3 bungalows (2 bungalows for 6 people, 1 bungalow for 4 people), Night sky Observatory (available only at events).
◆Pets are not allowed. Bonfires and fireworks are also prohibited.
◆Parking : available free of charge, capacity 20 vehicles
◆Observatory : Basically available only at events. Please note that the observatory cannot be used in case of bad weather, and also in case the observatory's manager is not available.

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