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Kubonai Fureai Center Hot Spring (Onsen)

  • Day Spa
  • Public

Municipal day spa facilities located on the way to Orofure Mountain Pass. The fountain's quality is sodium calcium, with sulfuric chloride acid salt, said to be having positive effects for treating chronic skin disease, gastroenterology, and various gynecological diseases. The water's temperature is also managed constantly, so a good condition is maintained. This is a secret spot for lovers of the local hot springs! Enjoy the gift of Sobetsu's volcanic environment in one of the town's hot spring facilities: "Kubonai Fureai Center". Located right at the exit of the fruit village's street in direction of Orofure Mountain Pass, take a moment to rest and soak your body in the hot water. Fountain quality: chloride, sulfate spring It is said this spring has positive effects when experiencing the following symptoms: neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, motion paralysis, etc.

Name Kubonai Fureai Center Hot Spring (Onsen)
Address 151-3 Minamikubonai, Sōbetsu-chō, Usu-gun, Hokkaidō 052-0116
TEL 0142-65-2010
Business Hours 10:00am-8:30pm
Closed on Wednesdays
Fee Adult 420 yen, Child 140 yen, Infant 70 yen

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