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Local Produce Shop "SAMS"

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It is a direct sale place of agricultural products on the first floor of Sobetsu Information Center i in Sobetsu Road Station. Sam's original products using local fruits and fresh vegetables and fruits grown by local farmers in the morning are abundant.At the cafe corner, "Sam's Pumpkin" using strawberry soft serve ice cream and locally-produced pumpkin, and "Grape Float" using grape liquid from Sobetsu Town are very popular.In addition, there are many original products developed by Sams, an agricultural direct sales shop. Please use it as a souvenir.

Name Local Produce Shop "SAMS"
Address 384-1 Takinomachi Sōbetsu-chō, Usu-gun, Hokkaidō 052-0101
TEL 0142-66-3600
Business Hours Summer (April-Nov.): 9:00-17:30 | Winter (Nov 16-March 31): 9:00-17:00
Closed on No holidays during summer season | Closed on Tuesdays during winter season + national holidays at end of the year (Dec 31- Jan 5)
Note ◆About shopping bags
From July 1, 2020, shopping bags will cost money. When shopping, we recommend that you bring an eco bag.

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