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Restaurant Odera

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Restaurant Odera near Showa Shinzan entrance. The menu is rich in local ingredients and has a good reputation for taste. A beef bowl using locally produced Japanese black beef is also recommended for Odera. In the spacious store, even groups can comfortably relax with the corresponding number of seats. Also, it's because it's big that you can see the sunflower field from around the store in July.

Name Restaurant Odera
Address 106 Sōbetsuonsen Sōbetsu-chō, Usu-gun, Hokkaidō 052-0103
TEL 0142-75-4084
Business Hours 11:00-19:00
Closed on irregular holidays
Recommeded "a deep-fried pork cutlet rice bowl" using local produce
Note ※Business hours change.

※Regular holiday change
Irregular holidays⇒every Monday

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