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Sobetsu Apple Festival

  • Fall

Sobetsu Apple Festival A big festival of Sobetsu is the annual “Sobetsu Apple Festival” which is held in October every year. You can find fresh vegetable and fruit produce, while at some stands you can try out the all-you-can-fill bags! At other stands you can purchase fresh meat of Lake Toya Beef (Toyako-wagyu for a bargain price!), to then grill it immediately on a charcoal grill that will be lent to you for free! Check for the annual schedule of the “Sobetsu Apple Festival” at: Tourist Information Facebook Page

Name Sobetsu Apple Festival
TEL Sobetsu Apple Festival Organizing Committee (JA Toyako): 0142-89-2468
Business Hours 9:00-14:00 (subject to change due to season weather)
Note Held annually, mostly beginning of October.

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