Mini-Tomato Picking at Kimura Daisaku Farm

Mini-Tomato picking at Daisaku's farm is fun for everyone! You can taste on the spot the many flavours of different kinds of mini-tomatoes. Kimura Daisaku is a young farmer and started running the mini-tomato picking program just recently. The tomatoes are carefully grown inside green houses, and you can taste up to 8 different varieties of mini-tomatoes, all with their own flavour!

Name Mini-Tomato Picking at Kimura Daisaku Farm
Address 〒052-0101 Hokkaido, Usu-gun, Sobetsu-cho, Takinomachi 287
TEL 090-5954-4277(Kimura Daisaku Farm)
Business Hours 9:00~16:00
Closed on Between July 15 to August 31 (usually without holidays, but subject to change due to farm's harvesting schedule)
Note Kimura Daisaku Farm Mini-Tomato Picking, 30 minutes all-you-can-eat mini tomatoes!
◆Season: July 15 - August 31
◆Reservation is needed: please reserve throughKimura Daisaku Farm TEL:090-5954-4277
◆Fee: Adults (over 11 years): 500 yen / Children: 400 yen / Infants (from 3-6 years): 300 yen (free for infants up to 3y. old)
◆Open between 9:00~16:00
◆Please note that the farm can be closed during some days even in season. Please inquire about the schedule.

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