Fruit Picking at Sobetsu Fruit Village

Sobetsu Fruit Village consists of 18 fruit orchards that are all located along the main route that leads through Sobetsu (No. 453), offering a wide range of fruit picking activities throughout the summer and autumn season. You can find the fruit orchards easily from the Sobetsu Road Station "Joho-kan", the Fruit Village stretches from there about 1km into the North. Most of the fruit orchards also have direct farm sales, selling the freshest fruit from the season!

Name Fruit Picking at Sobetsu Fruit Village
Address Fruit Orchards are located along the main route (No. 453) in Sobetsu Takinomachi
TEL 0142-66-2333 (Sobetsu Fruit Village Reservations) ※Inquiries about strawberry picking are not accepted.
Business Hours Fruit picking is possible between beginning of June thru end of October (depends on the annual weather conditions)
Closed on Closed during winter period
Note The availability of the fruit picking activity depens on the weather conditions of the year, so for more information please inquire.
Fruit Picking Fee: Adults 1,100yen (above 6 years old), Elementary school student 880 yen,small children (up to 3 years old) 660 yen

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